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About Us

Our Story

iHex Technologies engineers are American-trained experts in electronic, electrical engineering, and solar equipment mechanics. We maintain and repair Solar field Inverters and also troubleshoot for solar systems.

Our engineers and technicians are well-vested in solar technology. They can troubleshoot various solar plants and fields while employing preventive maintenance strategies, that result in long-term value to our clients. 

What differentiates iHex Technologies is our significantly experienced management team, engineers, and technicians. Our ability to troubleshoot and diagnose accurately and apply efficient repairs to Solar Systems. 

Our experience enables us to provide good consultations to our clients and provide the best maintenance strategies for their systems.

The best solution and parts/components are used in the repairs of solar systems. 

We are driven by values

Integrity, sustainability, and customer-centricity are the pillars upon which we build our business. We provide solar installation with unwavering honesty, a commitment to environmental responsibility, and a genuine focus on our customers’ needs.

Super Efficient

Our solar installations are super efficient and
designed to maximize energy production
and savings.

Deeply Committed

Our dedication extends beyond the installations
phase, as we stand by our customers throughout
the entire lifecycle of their solar system

Highly Skilled

Our Team is highly skilled, with a wealth of expertise in solar technology and installation.

Robert Torkornoo

Co-Founder/Chief Engineer

Richard Torkornoo

Co-Founder/General Manager